A New Enemy from an Old Rival

By Sir Alan (@Arendalan)

Recently, the leader of the Mundilfari Clan passed away, and then several other members died as well. Reports have now come out that after the clan leader died, Viola Mundilfari killed those ahead of her in line so that she could assume power as the new leader. Having met her myself, alongside others, when we went to bring Queen Anna back from Viola’s estate, I can say that Viola is our biggest challenge yet that we’ve had to face.

If you’re reading this, and you don’t know who the Mundilfari are, the previous article I wrote discusses them and my hatred for them. In short, these Viking savages want to destroy Northuldra, kill all Five Spirits, and take over Arendelle. It was King Runeard who let them in to our government in the first place, and Anna has worked tirelessly against them. Now we have the challenge of Viola trying to corrupt Queen Anna’s mind. This is something that cannot happen, and knowing Anna, she won’t let it.

We’re not alone in this fight, however. Should the Mundilfari make a move, not only will Arendelle, Northuldra, and the five spirits be ready, but we also have other allies, including the nations of Dun Broch and Corona. Viola Mundilfari will have many an opposition against her, and we won’t let her win.

Viola, I hope you’re reading this, because I have a personal message for you: go to hell. Your fucked up ideologies have no place in Arendelle society, much less the whole world. Your corrupt politicians in our government will continue to be exposed, and eventually ousted. You vastly underestimate Queen Anna, she has grown from her more rambunctious days as a youth, into the strong willed woman and Queen she is today.

Keep Mundilfari in the Jotunheimen Mountains

Along with Anna, myself, Elsa, Kristoff, Honeymaren, Mike, Siegfried, Seeker, Mattias, and our allies will stand up to the Mundilfari and defend the progress that Anna and Elsa have made. From a realistic view, Viola, your only options are to surrender to us, and maybe we can work something out, or for you to fight and lose. We won’t let you fuck things up. The Mundilfari could be great allies, if you weren’t so fucking hellbent on destroying Elsa, the spirits, and Northuldra.

You may be strong in some aspects, but you have no heart or soul, no respect for life. You wish to take more than you give. These mentalities will not stand. Take your people and stay in the isolated mountains where you belong. Fight yourselves, not us. Its better that way, Viola. We as a nation are better off without you.

To the citizens of Arendelle, Northuldra, and otherwise, I urge you to stand with us. Boycott the Snow Herald newspaper, boycott any businesses associated with the Mundilfari. Support Arendelle and Northuldra, support your Queen Anna and our allies. Help us to continue the exposing of Mundilfari corruption, and let’s oust their politicians from our government.

We can do this, but we can only do it together. If we fail, we’ll lose everything, including some of our closest friends. I can’t imagine a world without the Spirits, the Northuldra, and most importantly, Elsa. But I know we won’t lose, as long as we stand together and support one another, to defeat the Mundilfari. I believe in the progress we have made, and will continue to make. Let’s end Mundilfari influence in Arendelle, protect our ideals and our morals, our friends and our allies. We will do this. We must do this.


#StopTheMundulfari #ProtectArendelle #ProtectNorthuldra #ProtectTheSpirits

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