Anna’s Exalted

Featured image art “The New Exalted” by Arute (@ast05water)

Since her victory over Katina Romanov in the Russo-Arendellian War, Anna, queen of Arendelle, has taken control of the Exalted, becoming its long-awaited Arendellian member for Lord Yixin, the founder of this secret society of world rulers.

For millennia, the Exalted has tried to control world politics and the global economy for one purpose: to locate the elixir of life, which the outer space goddess Chang’e hid from her son, Yixin himself. Despite her debt to the ruler of the Celestial Empire, the queen of Arendelle is determined to reshape the Exalted in her own image. To form a kinder, gentler secret society. Bestowed the code name of the Emerald Dragon, Anna is shooting for the stars and must now wrestle with the biggest questions of her life – literally.


Meet the new gallery of Exalted members. Anna’s generation.

“The Exalted,” by Arute (@ast05water)

Anna, the Emerald Dragon

Anna has sworn to make Arendelle a great power – to protect Elsa and her kingdom from any future predation and aggression. Yet her bargain with Yixin will tempt her with the ultimate prize: immortality itself. All that Anna needs to do is guide the Exalted to its true destiny: to subdue Chang’e herself. Yet Anna must ask herself: What does mortality mean to her as a queen and as Elsa’s most devoted companion? Would she want eternal life for herself? Is the elixir of life worth it for anyone?

Kristoff, the Gold Reindeer

Knowing that Kristoff would follow her to hell and back, Anna has persuaded her beau and fiancé to govern the Exalted’s wealth. In replacing the American tai-pan Will Harrison, Kristoff’s Princely House is now a true global conglomerate, catapulting its own tai-pan to heights of influence and wealth he never knew possible. As someone who never sought power, the Gold Reindeer is determined to keep his beloved Anna safe and on the right path. This is the first Exalted generation with two Arendellian members.

Colisa, the Ruby Tiger

Elsa and Anna’s senior and childhood friend, Colisa is the queen of Chatho, a close ally of Arendelle. Although the kingdom was already a signatory to Anna’s Entente of Small Kingdoms, Anna sees Colisa as the kind of leader that can handle the kind of intoxicating clout that Exalted membership grants. In choosing Colisa to replace Katina, Chatho has shot up several leagues among the power players of the globe, with its queen now the Ruby Tiger.

Peony, the Sapphire Phoenix

Peony Sinclair is Lord Yixin’s top agent and private lobbyist. Due to Katina and Harrison’s exit, she’s now the most senior member of the Exalted, having been bestowed the title of the Sapphire Phoenix. She serves an ambiguous role, advising and supporting Anna while still serving as Yixin’s eyes and ears. Anna will need all her wits and inner fortitude to prove herself as Peony’s ally – while never slipping into becoming her puppet.



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