The Exalted

The Exalted is an exclusive club of the world’s most influential powerbrokers and puppeteers, the secret rulers behind the governments of the largest empires and nations. For months they’ve had their eye on Anna, with the membership torn about inviting her in or taking her down a few notches. The queen of Arendelle knows that it’s a big world out there, but even she and Elsa might not be prepared for the sheer scale of the forces watching Arendelle.

Story art by PURY (@Puryartist)


You’re Invited. Meet the Membership.

Story art and character design by Arute (@ast05water)

Harrison and Katina

Of the four Exalted members, these two have it out for Arendelle! Will Harrison, a merchant prince of Virginia, and Katina Romanov, the Russian tsar’s daughter, are rapacious and violent world rulers who will do anything to expand their continental interests. They have vast militaries and economies at their disposal and won’t hesitate to leverage them against Queen Anna.

Katina Romanov

Imperious and impulsive, the fiery Princess Katina of twenty-four summers is the heir to Russia’s Romanov dynasty. She bears a grudge against Elsa for defeating her father’s elite Baltic Fleet during her reign. Katina hungers for proxy rule over the North Sea so as to seize strategic advantage over the Western European nations. She has nothing but contempt for the Diarchy of Arendelle, and plots to take over the entirety of northern Eurasia to secure Russia’s future.

Will Harrison

Will is scion to a powerful First Family of the United States, the Harrisons of James River. He’s cool and calm, but also strategic and calculating. He grew up on the sprawling family plantation in Virginia, learning all the arts of a princely heir to one of his country’s most prestigious political dynasties. Initiated into the Exalted at twenty-one, Will became one of its driving members by thirty. He spent several years learning the China trade in Canton, where he came to follow Yixin devotedly. He is scornful of Anna, seeing her as unworthy of the Exalted’s attention.

Story art and character design by Arute (@ast05water)

Peony and Yixin

The more benevolent half of the Exalted, Peony Sinclair and her mentor, Yixin, command the destiny of millions and a third of the planet through the British Empire and the Qing Dynasty. Anna hopes to fulfil their plan for Arendelle as a light to the world while staying true to herself.

Yixin Aisin Gioro

The strangely ageless prince regent of the Great Qing Empire, Yixin is the distant and intimidating leader of the Exalted. His machinations are, directly and indirectly, behind many of Arendelle’s political developments, including Arendelle’s Most Favoured Nation status (gifted by the emperor to the royals on the night of Elsa’s birth) and Anna’s appointment of Vi as prime minister. Despite disagreements and tensions, he and Arendelle’s royal family have maintained good relations.

Peony Sinclair

An equestrian socialite, Peony Sinclair has the world’s captains of industry and administrators of the British Empire wrapped around her finger. Of twenty-seven summers, she was born to missionary parents that abandoned her in Peking. Taken in by Yixin and given a Chinese first name, she initially served as the English teacher to his spies. Fiercely loyal to the Great Qing Empire, Sinclair is a diplomat-agent equally comfortable in Europe and Asia. She is tasked with monitoring Arendellian affairs and guiding Anna to global greatness.


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4 thoughts on “The Exalted

  1. Even in a new nation like the United States of America, there are still some individuals who really, really suck! They use their money and power just to obtain more power to impose over people instead of supporting the ideals of Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Hancock, among others, who ascribed and sacrificed their lives, treasure and their sacred honor for America, liberty, freedom and Constitutional government of, for and by the People. Unfortunately, those like The Exalted, would continue to back tyranny and injustice for their own selfish reasons.

    Queen Anna and those of us here want to continue the freedom that the sisters have instilled in the citizens. where The Exalted wants all to bow to their tyrannical ends.

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    1. Whenever I told Lord Yixin that I felt he was hiding something from me, he always hastily denied it. But His Imperial Highness has never enjoyed lying to me. I only know that from the very vague hints he’s dropped that there are forces much larger than the Mundilfaris, than our royal family, than entire countries out there. Watching the world… watching us.

      Watching Elsa and me.

      And despite His Imperial Highness’s friendship, I sense a few in his circle, which I don’t even dare to imagine, are observing us with hostile eyes.



  2. Yixin and Peony are respectable.

    Will Harrison and Katina Romanov are the types that would love playing with matches in a gunpowder and nitroglycerin warehouse!

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