About The Arendelle Guardian

Story art by hanna.digiart (@HDigiart)

Welcome to The Arendelle Guardian! Our newspaper is one of the most widely circulated, well-informed press outlets in the kingdom.

We’ve backed the sister-queens for years, from Elsa’s coronation night all the way to Anna’s current reign. Our editorial and political alignment supports the monarchy and Anna’s policies.

Our paper is divided into the ongoing stories and plotlines integrated into the post-Frozen 2 world. Have a look around and enjoy your stay! Check back regularly: our interactive story has many threads and spinoffs that you’ll enjoy.


Story art by PURY (@puryartist)

Anna’s column: Our paper is the kingdom’s only one to publish Queen Anna’s personal column. Get her witty, passionate take on everything in the realm: politics, love, chocolate, and more. For how The AG came to be involved in the lives of the sister-queens, check out our post Queens and Press Barons. Elsa and Honeymaren also have their own columns in the paper.

Politics: Arendelle is a kingdom steeped in politics, from Anna’s dealings with the House of Ministers and House of Jarls in Arendelle’s Great Assembly to the realm’s press barons and newspapers. The Snow Queen (recently titled “Queen Emerita” by Anna) remains a staunch ally, advising Anna regularly. Recently, the Fifth Spirit has returned to the frontlines of Arendellian diplomacy and statecraft.

An important component of the new Arendelle is the voice of Northuldra. Early on, Elsa and Anna invited Honeymaren to represent Northuldran interests at the tribe’s new embassy in Arendelle. Lady Maren is now Home Minister, the first Northuldra to drive Arendellian domestic policy, and one of Anna’s closest confidantes and partners.

Story art by PURY (@puryartist)

The Mundilfari Clan: For centuries, the ancient Viking-descended family of the Mundilfaris has puppeteered the Arendellian monarchy and tried to destroy Northuldra – until Queen Anna. Her open rebellion against the Mundilfari clan led to a major conflict with its head, Countess Viola, and her mighty general, Commander Hilde Von Altheim. After Anna defeated Vi in a political maneuver and reconciled with her, the queen appointed the Countess the prime minister of Arendelle, transforming the kingdom’s constitution and acquiring a valuable new ally.

Commerce and trade: Economics plays a large role in Anna’s statecraft, since Arendelle is not only a free port but also deeply interconnected with the major economies and industries of the 19th Century.

The kingdom’s finances are dominated by trading companies that are nimble, buccaneering, and hardy. Kristoff’s company Bjorgman, known as the Princely House for his ties to Elsa and Anna, is the largest company in Arendelle and a global reach with its ice, tea, real estate, and other businesses. Bjorgman’s main competitor is Skau-Krogh, led by Lars Krogh.

Story art by PURY (@puryartist)

International: Arendelle is a maritime kingdom that has recently become aware of its inseparable ties to the magical land of Northuldra. In a rapidly modernizing world of predatory geopolitics and sea empires, the paper supports Her Majesty in her Entente of Small Kingdoms, an alliance of countries formed to resist major powers and empires. The alliance signatories include: Chatho, Weselton, Zaria, Vesterland, and Vakretta.

The Exalted: The Exalted is an exclusive club of the world’s most influential powerbrokers and puppeteers, the secret rulers behind the governments of the largest empires and nations. Its membership consists of Princess Katina Romanov of Russia, the Virginian First Family heir Will Harrison, Peony Sinclair of British Hong Kong, and the Qing Empire’s prince regent, Yixin. Each member possess far vaster resources than Arendelle, and pose the greatest opportunity and challenge for Anna and Elsa.

Check out the Exalted’s homepage here.

Culture and Entertainment: Countess Vi funded the establishment of Kingdom Hall, Arendelle’s main cultural and artistic venue. Kingdom Hall is home to the Arendelle Philharmonic, an orchestra founded by Anna to boost Arendelle’s cultural and artistic footprint.

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