Queen and Countess

Featured image art by Athena (@myrthena) for The Arendelle Guardian

“Queen and Countess” by Arute (@ast05water)

Since destroying her grandfather’s dam and renouncing King Runeard’s imperialist stance towards Northuldra, Anna has staked her reign on redefining her family’s legacy and dispelling the shadow of the past. As queen, Anna has pushed through a reign-defining policy of reunification between Arendelle and Northuldra, with her inner court of Elsa and Honeymaren supporting her. In doing so, she’s put herself on a direct collision course with the noble Mundilfari clan, which as manipulated the royal family for generations until Elsa’s reign.

One of Arendelle’s last Viking families, the Mundilfaris’ proxies and servants stretch across Europe and dominate every aspect of Arendellian life, from commerce to parliament to the press. For centuries, each Mundilfari clan head has sworn a vow to conquer Northuldra and take the power of the five elemental spirits.

After murdering her siblings and parents in an inter-dynastic bloodbath, the crimson-eyed Countess Viola has become the Mundilfaris’ new leader after her grandfather’s death. This patrician noblewoman is a master political operative, and like her queen, driven, intelligent, and stalwart in her beliefs. She also hides a dark, demonic secret for her motivations.

The two young women’s complex relationship, feelings, and legacy will transform Arendelle’s political future forever.

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