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Featured image art by Arute (@ast05water)

Poster art by Alanna (@alhuart) for The AG

In the post-Napoleonic world of the 19th Century, peace is impossible without political power.

Arendelle’s new queen Anna seals backroom deals, stares down colonial nations and great empires, and honours her sister Elsa’s legacy by working to unite Northuldra with her kingdom.

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THE EXALTED: The Exalted is an exclusive club of the world’s most influential powerbrokers and puppeteers, the secret rulers behind the governments of the planet’s largest empires and nations. For months they’ve had their eye on Anna, with the membership torn about inviting her in or taking her down a few notches. The queen of Arendelle knows that it’s a big world out there, but even she and Elsa are ill-prepared for the sheer scale of the forces eyeing Arendelle’s strategic value.

QUEEN AND COUNTESS: Since destroying her grandfather’s dam and renouncing King Runeard’s imperialist stance towards Northuldra, Anna has staked her reign on redefining her family’s legacy and dispelling the shadow of the past. In doing so, she’s put herself on a collision with the crimson-eyed Countess Viola, who’s sworn to destroy Northuldra and Elsa. Despite their opposite goals, Anna and Vi share an unmistakable connection borne out of their troubled pasts, fierce ambition, and unapologetic mastery of political power. The two young women’s complex relationship, feelings, and legacy will transform Arendelle’s political future forever.

Character art by Arute (@ast05water)

While Arendelle (and the world beyond it) is filled with powerful statesmen, royalty, aristocrats, and merchant princes, this newspaper focuses its coverage on the Four Ladies of Arendelle.

The Four Ladies of Arendelle are a quad of the most powerful women in the kingdom. They are the duos of the sister-queens Anna and Elsa, and “Team Mundilfari” – Countess Viola and her right hand Commander Hilde Von Altheim.

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