Countess Vi: Gothic

A standalone story from The Arendelle Guardian running alongside the main news!



There’s a dark sickness pulsating at the heart of the British Empire.

The darkness threatens to engulf the entire imperial establishment of this global power, and only Arendelle’s prime minister can solve this mystery. The dark Countess and Mundilfari clan head takes on her greatest challenge yet as she seeks to destroy what the Exalted see as a deadly threat.

The Railway Ravager: a body snatcher that’s been stealing the cadavers of illustrious figures on the Necropolis Rail, a train leading to a vast cemetery in the English countryside.

The East End Eviscerator: a serial killer attacking “fallen women” in Whitechapel, leaving a trail of dismembered, disemboweled and disfigured bodies in their wake.

When horrific creatures sewn together with stolen body parts begin prowling the streets of London, Countess Vi must investigate the dark relationship connecting the two criminals, while protecting the innocent fallen women of the East End from further harm.

As she hurls herself into a world of dark magic, demonic forces, and the nightmarish macabre, the Countess will be pushed to her very limits. She’ll have to muster all her strength, cunning, and fortitude to withstand the supernatural horrors, psychological torments, and physical and political perils that dog her adventure in London. In fact, she might have to rely on her full power, something that not even Elsa and Anna have seen before, and unleash the horrors of the night against the darkness she’s hunting. Along the way, she’ll encounter an entire gallery of friend and foe alike that will take her closer and closer to the bloodcurdling truth.

“Hilde, watch over me. I won’t want Anna to see me like this.”

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