About Our Editor

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“Arendelle is small in size, its soul and personality colossal. I love this kingdom.”

Our founder-editor, despite her long hours at the newsroom and constant communication with Queen Anna, is rarely seen in public. She has a profile on The AG’s blog so that she might earn your trust, and perhaps even work with you in her campaign to support Anna and expand her influence.

This wry and sardonic press baron was not born in Arendelle. A global citizen older than Elsa by a decade and a half, she sailed into Arendelle’s harbour for the first time during Agnarr’s reign. Falling in love with her new home immediately, she established The AG as a base, and began expanding the paper’s reach. Despite her networks and interests around the world, she has been living in the kingdom for nearly twenty years, and deploys her resources for The AG and the Arendellian monarchy.

“When it comes to helping Anna rule this kingdom, Elsa my dear, the pen is mightier than your popsicle.”

Despite a taste for gentility, the chief is a commoner and rarely concerned herself with royal affairs. A turning point in The AG’s relationship with the monarchy came when Elsa accidentally hurt Anna, prompting her parents to confine them in the palace for the better part of 14 years. Before Agnarr and Iduna set off on their ill-fated voyage, our editor, who had been struggling to find out what had happened to Elsa and Anna for over a decade, received a leak from a courtier: that Agnarr had condemned his own daughters to a life of isolation and social deprivation.

Furious at being deceived like everyone else in the kingdom, our proprietor nevertheless obeyed the palace’s demand to hush up the dark truth. She followed in the footsteps of Arendelle’s other newspaper owners, who were also ordered to keep things quiet on pain of exile or imprisonment. Still, she would be haunted by her failure to report the royal sisters’ suffering.

“I might be an old, snooty bat to you, but Your Majesty knows I have plenty of firepower left for you.”

Our editor began to steer The AG in a direction that passionately supported the new queen, Elsa. She assisted Elsa during her reign after the Great Thawing, and secured a major investment from Kristoff to expand The AG’s staff and resources. This marked the transformation of a relatively neutral paper into a full-throated backer of the sisters, with a much sharper focus on how events in the kingdom could help or hurt Elsa and Anna.

Princess Anna, in particular, wanted in on the growing collaboration between the monarchy and The AG. Thus began a long friendship between Anna and the editor, who came to admire deeply Anna’s budding talent for politics and her expansive, attractive ideas for Arendelle’s future. By this time, Anna had begun to develop her own politics and vision for the kingdom, from anti-colonial beliefs (spurred on by her deep hatred for Runeard’s imperialism) to an urge to engage with the countries beyond the realm. The AG would come to be a critical backer of her political ideology, recruiting widely-read columnists as well as full-time reporters and correspondents to articulate it.

When Elsa passed on the crown to Anna, The AG became the new queen’s biggest cheerleader, with chief sending journalists to hound Anna’s political opponents, back the careers of her allies, beat the drum for her policies, and promote Arendelle as an economic, cultural, and leisure hub.

With so much happening after Anna’s coronation, the chief continues to leverage her paper and proxies to assist Anna. She has become a member of the queen’s inner court, a secret circle of Anna’s most trusted advisors. She shares a warm relationship with Elsa, an occasional guest writer on The AG. She is also well-informed about military and diplomatic affairs due to her camaraderie with General Mattias, who is closer to her in age than the sister-queens.

“I was here before our girls were born, and I’ll be here as long as they are our sister-queens.” 

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