The Night Beckons

“Hilde’s on a three-day trip to Mundilfari Keep, to retrain a new battalion of bodyguards for the Countess. Though I question the necessity of that, since Vi’s immortal now,” laughs Tess. “Although the compulsion to drink blood is extremely painful for her. I don’t think she ever reveals just how much she suffers from her vampiric thirst,” she adds sadly. “Oh, and please don’t say that about me. I don’t feel lonely at all. Vi’s words and actions might still be a bit sharp at times, but she’s honest and has become quite lovable and gentle – in her own way. She says it’s because of me, but… I’ve only known her for half a year. Yes, we’ve shared our…”

She lowers her head. “… passions… but that’s not the same as the long friendship you’ve shared with her. In fact,” she suddenly exclaims, “With Hilde not around, may I ask you a favour?”