The Night Beckons: Hang Out with Countess Vi

Featured image art “The First Vampire” by hanna.digiArt (@HDigiart)

It’s a pleasantly cool evening. You’re strolling by the Arendelle docks when you see the new English arrival to the kingdom, Tess Gaunt, sitting by the bench. She met Countess Vi during the latter’s assignment to London, and came to live in Arendelle with the prime minister. Vi had sacrificed her humanity and become an immortal vampire to save Tess from a deranged cultist. Now Tess was enjoying a much more pleasant life than when she’d been living in the squalor of the East End, eking out a living as a sex worker. Now, she had Vi’s affection and protection.

Her friendly green eyes sparkle as she waves at you, inviting you to join her. “Hello!” she calls. “How are you?”

You join her, sitting beside her. The two of you exchange friendly conversation about the day’s events, from Anna’s appearance in the village square for a public forum to an opera that has just opened at Kingdom Hall. “Actually, I’d wanted to see the opera – it’s Fra Diavolo by Auber – but Vi prefers her Nordic and Germanic performances, while I like French and Italian material.”

She looks at you slightly guiltily. “Vi told me to enjoy myself and paid for my ticket. But now she’s alone at our house.”

6 thoughts on “The Night Beckons: Hang Out with Countess Vi

  1. “I forgot, one word of warning, Vi. I’m diabetic. My blood may give you a sugar rush! ”

    I stayed until my very good friend, Vi, looked stable. Meantime, I bandaged my cut, snuck a snack (so my boown sugar level didn’t go low for Vi.) Then hung out with a good cigar and the glass of Bordeaux on the house’s balcony w/Vi.

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    1. “Diabetic or not, I treasure the taste,” replied Vi. She joined Michael at the balcony and was content to watch him enjoy his cigar and wine, evening wing blowing her hair comfortably. Having been replenished, she was happy enough to see Mike enjoy her former human pleasures.


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