The Night Beckons

“Excellent,” purrs the Countess. She gets up and lights a matchstick from the top of the hearth, throwing it past the grate and among the ancient chopped wood. Dancing, writhing flames emerge, lighting the Mundilfari family head’s irises. The living room is bathed in warmth, lending your surroundings a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. It’s enough to make one feel somewhat sleepy…

Vi laughs, noticing you visibly sink into the sofa. “You can stay here for the night if you wish. I wouldn’t turn you away, especially not after you saved me.”

She slinks back to her own couch, sitting down and observing you. “I presume Tess told me that I could use some company?”   

“Yes,” you say, “and she seemed quite adamant that you’d be lonely.”

Vi looked away. “She’s not completely wrong. Ever since I came back from London as the First Vampire, I’ve been… more open about my frailty. Can you imagine? I feel frail, even though I’m stronger than ever. Perhaps even as mighty as the Snow Queen.”