The Night Beckons

Vi reluctantly nods, and allows you to carry her back into her house and inside her living room. After you lay Vi down on her own couch, she suddenly grabs your hand. Her legs are writhing and her body squirming. “I wasn’t being entirely truthful. I didn’t wish to divulge this to anyone, but Tess has kept small amounts of her own blood for me. There’s an ornate casket upstairs, in Tess’s room. It’s got vials cooled by ice I bought from Kristoff.”

Somewhat disturbed by this revelation, you get up and run upstairs, hurriedly trying to find to the casket. You mistakenly run into Vi’s room first, before bursting back out and finding Tess’s bedroom. The casket is sitting on a wardrobe and decorated with ancient runic patterns. You lift the lid, glimpsing vials of blood, no more than a few drops in each one, lying among large ice cubes. You take two and sprint back down the stairs, running into the living room and handing them to the First Vampire.

Hands trembling, she pops off the small cork in one of the vials and consumes a meagre amount of Tess’s blood, her countenance improving almost instantly. She wipes her lips and slowly gets up from the couch, looking less feverish than before. She adjusts her purple dress, and slides her legs into a comfortable seated position, facing you. Her elegant high heels remain on the carpet covering her living room’s oak floor.

“I didn’t want you to see that. After all, the arrangement Tess and I have isn’t one anyone would approve of – not even myself. It was Tess’s idea, if you can believe me,” she said softly. “Yet somehow, I no longer feel wary of sharing this information with you. In fact, I’m glad you came.”