The Night Beckons

After Tess thanks you, you head up the hills to where the wealthier of Arendelle’s residents live. The Grand House is far humbler compared to Vi’s castle, Keep Mundilfari, but it’s still aptly named. You step onto the generous porch and knock. Before you even compose yourself, the pattering of bare feet can be heard, and Countess Vi opens the door. She appears unusually unkempt, her elegant purple dress messy and her rich brown hair dishevelled. She looks breathless, uncomfortable, and even vulnerable. Her slender lower body buckles, and she stumbles just after managing to pull the door open.

You rush in and catch her. She’s sweating and panting.

“You caught me at a bad time,” she says weakly. “I didn’t go with Tess because of that idiotic excuse I gave her. Opera is opera. But…”

She gazes up at you, feverish and delirious. “I was hit with a sudden craving with blood, and I’ll be damned if I ever sink my fangs into her soft, ravishing, surely delicious neck.”