The Night Beckons

Heart pounding, you nervously offer your own blood to Vi for the first time. “How brave of you,” she teases, although there is admiration in her voice.She gently takes your finger, her red eyes gazing at it intently. “Then I’ll drink my fill, with as little intrusion as possible.” You feel a pinprick at the touch of Vi’s fang, as if a needle has pierced your skin, as Vi begins to suck. She lets out a quiet moan, and you can’t help but gently caress her cheek as she feeds on you. She’s quite cute in her own way. Like a suckling baby.

The Countess lifts up her head, gazing at you with a mixture of concern, gratitude, and desire.

“How’s that for a date?” she whispers. “No dinner. Straight to dessert.”

You chortle. “That sounds suspicious.”

“I know.”

When she recovers from the pleasurable experience of drinking your blood, she bandages you up and caresses your hand. Her expression is thoughtful and beaming. “It’s getting late. Tess will be back soon, and I believe I’ve imposed on you enough.”

She raises your hand to her vampiric lips, slowly and sensually kissing it. “A magnificent sample you are… who knows, but I may ask for your taste once more, as long as I can keep you safe.”

You can only hear the fireside crackling, along with your own heavy breathing.

“I was supposed to be your host, but you’ve been of more comfort to me than I ever could have imagined,” whispers the Countess. “Thank you. I had a wonderful night with you.”

Her red eyes glimmer, reflecting your smile.

“I hope you remember the sensation of me in you… as much as I now feel you inside my body and heart.”

“The First Vampire” by Arute (@ast05water)