The Night Beckons

Vi smiles. “We have a charmer here.” She stretches her legs on the couch, allowing the lower part of her purple dress to fall aside. As if daring you to take in her full beauty – a vampire’s simmering desire and dark charisma are potent temptations for whatever gender. But Vi seems comfortable with anything, whether it’s a soulful platonic friendship (intimate and deeply loving in its own very real way) or something more… physical. She’s in no hurry. There’s plenty of time for her to decide what works with you. She’ll be around long after you’re not, after all.

It won’t be long before she’s hungry for blood again, and she insinuates that she’ll need to feed again. It seems that Tess must be attentive to her bloodsucking needs, preparing many vials to ensure Vi doesn’t have to feed on someone else. You feel quite sad that Tess has had to take up this duty, even if she did so willingly.

But what if Miss Gaunt could have a break, just for tonight?