The Night Beckons

“No matter,” sighs Vi, setting down the glass on her table. “I suppose I was just missing the old days. When I was mortal, could taste food, and saw the world in more colours than merely red.”

She gets up and sits beside you, sidling closer to you. “I’m glad Hilde and Tess are in my care, under the aegis of the Mundilfari family name,” she whispers. “And now, I’m strong enough to return the care that Hilde has provided me for so long. But I sometimes feel tired when I remember that this is how I’ll live – forever.”  

You try to reassure her with comforting words about how she’s grown and come so far. That being a vampire doesn’t matter as long as there are those that love her.

She nods, telling you that she hopes you’re right, but she’s still shaken by her most recent craving for blood, and the reminder that she can no longer consume human delights.

You need to face the truth: that she can only enjoy infernal pleasures.

You must help her embrace herself, and her true source of power, the currency of the soul.