The Kindest of All

“Thank you,” cries Kristoff, visibly suppressing the urge to give you a big hug. “You don’t know how much this means to me – or her.”

After saying goodbye to the royal consort, you head to Arendelle Castle. Upon arrival, Kai shows you to Anna’s study, where she spends much of her time when she’s not out and about on the streets of Arendelle. Knock, knock, comes your hand rapping on the door.

“Who’s there?” comes Anna’s faint, sleepy voice from behind the door.

You say your name, lowering your hand.

“Oh, did Kristoff send you to take care of me?” She seems as playful as ever, so that’s something. “Please, come in.”

When you open the door, Anna has lifted her head from her folded arms on her large mahogany desk. Scattered about are treaties, letters, and secret documents. Her wheat stalk-patterned jacket hangs by the corner of her tall chair. When she sees you, she quickly stands up, as humble and egalitarian as ever: “I’m sorry for keeping the door closed. I had a feeling Kristoff would ask you to come to me, since we’re pretty much family. I just sometimes feel that I need some privacy to do my work. Every person needs their own private space, even if it’s a very small space. And others can enter it only with their full consent. Don’t you think?”

She smiles, grabbing her jacket and hurriedly putting it on. “And here you are, in my private space, when I’m tired and at my most vulnerable. How does it feel?”