The Kindest of All

Anna nods, looking a bit more serious as she lowers her glass. “Katina Romanov of Russia… what a woman. She’s the one who set me on my present path. Our war compelled me to see if I can protect Elsa and Arendelle forever through this mystic thing called the elixir of life. In her own way, she spurred me on to join the Exalted and help Lord Yixin because she very nearly destroyed Arendelle. Destroyed Elsa. And if either of those things had happened, I’d be destroyed too.”

She gazes at your, her cerulean eyes shining. “I like being kind. I love to love. I find it hard to live any other way. And to be desperate, vengeful, or power-hungry just doesn’t feel good. Yet, when we have nothing else, that’s all we can be. I need you to remind me constantly that I don’t need to be desperate. I don’t need to gaze into the abyss to gain some big insight. I already have Elsa. I must not lose sight of her even as I seek to protect her.”

She smiles and takes a swig of punch. “And I have you, too.”

The picnic meanders on into the late afternoon, with you and Anna first wolfing down the delicious scones with jam and cream for a sweet treat, before lying down on the blanket, gazing up at the clouds in the sky under the shade of the trees. As you and Anna continue chatting away, she suddenly falls quiet, and you turn your head.

She’s fallen asleep. The poor thing must have been truly exhausted after pushing herself so hard.