The Kindest of All

It’s approaching lunch by the time you and Anna approach the woodlands near the upper foothills that lead down to the kingdom. Kristoff and Sven aren’t around to take you up, but you and Anna manage to fill in the time quite well by talking about her life as queen and how you can work together to make the kingdom a better place. Anna, you notice, has matured tremendously, yet doesn’t mind harmless small talk. Her eyes light up whenever she’s wondering what Elsa is up to. She doesn’t seem inhibited at all when sharing her thoughts with you.

You lay out the picnic blanket, which Anna brought along from the castle. It’s special to her, because it belonged to her mother, Iduna. She would bring it along whenever she and Agnarr took the family out on picnics. Now, she’s using this blanket with you. Anna flops down onto it, eagerly taking the foodstuffs out from the hamper. “Let me make the sandwiches,” she offers, holding up a butter knife and growling jokingly. “I make mean ones.”

As you make the lemon punch with a large glass bowl and jug, Anna prepares, with surprising domestic skill, a range of veggie and fish sandwiches, as well as the sweet dish of scones with jam and clotted cream. You raise glasses to each other. “Cheers!” cries Anna. “A toast to you for making me stop to smell the flowers and see some sense.”