The Kindest of All

Anna claps her hands together excitedly. “That sounds marvellous! But I didn’t prepare a hamper for us!” she cries in disappointment. You reassure her that this would be no problem, since you’ve planned a shopping trip down in the village square. “Of course – the Fjordspring Festival might be drawing to a close,” agrees the queen, referring to the festival held to welcome the spring, “but there’re still plenty of groceries we can get for good deals.”

Anna asks you to wait a while so that she can hurry to the royal kitchens and get some utensils for the picnic. Then you and Anna stroll leisurely from Arendelle Castle across the bridge to the harbourfront, and you unveil a list of ingredients for sandwiches, punch, and scones and clotted cream. “Perfect,” cries Anna. “This is a perfectly manageable picnic; with the little time we have to prepare.” Together, you buy bread and fresh scones at the bakery, then some fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles at the grocer’s stall in the plaza. “Don’t forget lemons for our punch!” says Anna. The fishmonger has some delicious lutefisk – dried whitefish – which Anna wants to enjoy. Then you and her head to a shop for imported goods, where a new shipment of strawberry jam and clotted cream from Devonshire in Britain has just arrived. Both jars are expensive, but you spare no kroner in making this picnic special for Anna.   

“We’re all ready,” cries Anna in delight, having bought a hamper for her time with you. “Let’s go! Shall we head up into the woods near Oaken’s sauna?”