The Kindest of All

To your horror, Anna’s face falls at your suggestion.

“Um… really?” she says, disappointment in her voice. She’s still smiling, but it’s an apologetic smile. She shifts uncomfortably, and you feel worried at the change in the mood. “I dunno. You know I’ve never felt comfortable in such elitist places. I mean, I host balls and soirees at home, but even at those I’m kind of low-key. I leave the hardcore networking and wining and dining to Countess Vi and those who actually enjoy schmoozing. I thought it was supposed to be my holiday, anyway. Do you really want me to go to a place where I’ll just be talking to the same people I mingle with every day?” She grins at you. “Do you have any other ideas we could consider?”

She has a point, you realize. You quickly reverse course and think of some other possibility. Something that she might enjoy more.