The Kindest of All

You point out that her schedule, as it’s currently written, can’t be sustainable. You urge her to drop all her post-midnight plans, go to bed earlier, and join you for an outing somewhere tomorrow.

“That sounds darn good,” replies the queen, putting her free hand on your shoulder, “so I’ll get some sleep then, and I hope you’ll join me outside the palace gates in the morning.”

She gives you a light and respectful kiss on the cheek, hand on your shoulder. “You still have a bit of time to think of what you’d like to do with me.”

After a night spent resting while mulling over Anna’s situation, you meet her freshened up person outside Arendelle Castle, and she looks radiant. “Well, here I am,” she says happily, spinning around in her day outfit and watching you watch her. “What are we doing on my day off?”