The Kindest of All

“I’m alright,” she says weakly, but her voice isn’t very convincing. “I am,” she reiterates, as if sensing you don’t quite believe her.

You point out that Her Majesty has visibly dark rings under your eyes.

“What? No! I’m dressing up! Like a panda – you know, those cute furry animals that populate the forests of the Celestial Empire? They’re so adorable, and I thought I’d pretend to be one as I prepare for this trip to the East.” Anna glances at you bashfully. “Ugh, my already lame jokes are especially stupid when I’m exhausted.” She slumps, hanging her head. “You got me,” she says helplessly. “I’m… I’m on the verge of losing it.”

She gazes at you, eyes shining. “You’re here to ask me to have a rest, aren’t you?”

You affirm that this is indeed the case, adding that Kristoff was very keen for her to take at least one day off.