The Kindest of All

Anna looks mildly disappointed, but wallows into the fjord nevertheless, observing you as she takes a long, languid, and leisurely dip into the cold waters. She lets out a sigh of pure relaxation, closing her eyes and beaming. It’s hard for you not to feel emotional at how happy she looks. It’s been a tough year and more for her as Arendelle’s queen, with the past three months being particularly brutal and punishing thanks to the war with Russia. Yes, she had Elsa to have fun with, or games night with Kristoff and the rest of the inner court. But she hasn’t relaxed properly, in the fjord of her own kingdom, since… forever. To think that she’d want to share this special chance with you.

There’s no need to make much conversation between you and her. There’s an unspoken understanding. She’s here for a dip and you’re keeping her ambient company. There’s not much more to say.

She remains in the water for a long time, but you don’t mind watching over her as she floats on her back, does some elementary front crawl and doggy paddling, before time seems to accelerate and it’s already the late afternoon. She emerges from the fjord, dripping wet, and you hurry to her with a towel. She glances at you and nods gratefully as she begins to dry her hair, before draping the towel around her shoulders. You gaze indulgently at one another, and her freckled face and willowy form look particularly beautiful in the reddening afternoon sunlight. “Thank you,” she says softly, “for such a wonderful day. I wish we’d be able to spend more time together, but I feel like I’ve rested my fill and it might be time to return to my regularly scheduled program.”

You note to her: “Of work, of course.”

“Yeah. No matter what you or Elsa say, I’m still the queen.” She smiles at you. “But you know what? That old timetable of mine is going in the bin. I think Kai will be happy that I’m going to draft a new one – one that lets me ask you out more often.”

You joke that Kristoff might regret asking you to fill in for him on days he isn’t free. “Oh, no – I might summon you on days he’s free too,” replies Anna, whistling casually and enjoying your discomfort. “I’m sure you two can sort it out. But seriously – ” Anna reaches for you and cups your face with both hands. The queen of Arendelle – so vulnerable, so open, so present before you as herself, unembellished and true.

“Thank you for this special day. I’ll never forget the rapport and bond that I now share with you.”


“Anna” by Arute (@ast05water)