The Kindest of All

You take up her call to play, retaliating with a flurry of gentle strokes that dash her thin body with water. Her Majesty squeals, fighting back harder and leaning in with her barrage of splashes, before you’re both simply scooping up water and hurling as much as you can at each other. You and Anna are gasping with exertion and mirth in water, and after a few exhilarating minutes, she breathlessly holds up her hands, dripping with water. “I need a break! Time out, time out!” she cries, before attempting a sneak splash at you. But you’re ready, and you paddle at her, gently lifting her as she presses her hands against you, hollering in thrilled anticipation. Your eyes meet momentarily, and you lean forward and dunk her body into the fjord, before scooping her back up and steadying her before releasing her. When her wildly kicking legs are back on the solid seabed, she hurls herself at you and embraces you, holding on so tightly you decide not to pull away too quickly. She’s panting in delight – exhausted and spent, but more mirthful and jovial than she’s been for a long time since Arendelle was invaded in January.

“Thank you,” she says quietly, adorably freckled face pressed against you. You gaze indulgently at one another, and her countenance and willowy form look particularly beautiful in the reddening afternoon sunlight. “Thank you for this special day. I’m having so much fun.”

You spend about an hour more with Anna in complete comfort and seclusion, before helping her dry off. When she’s dressed once more and her damp hair a bit dryer, you retrace your path into the forest and back down towards Arendelle. From the hills it’s a while’s stroll back to Arendelle Castle.

“I’ve spent the whole day in your care,” says Anna quietly, turning to you. She’s reluctant to leave your side, but a holiday without end is no holiday, just unemployment. And a queen is perpetually, unrelentingly, in the employ of her people. But there is one change that Anna promises, and that means everything to you and Kristoff: “That old timetable of mine is going in the bin. I think Kai will be happy that I’m going to draft a new one – one that lets me ask you out more often.”

Anna reaches for you and cups your face with both hands. The queen of Arendelle – so vulnerable, so open, so present before you as herself, unembellished and true.

She’ll never forget her time together with you.

And neither will you.


“Anna” by Arute (@ast05water)