The Kindest of All

Anna is visibly pleased as she runs at the water, only dipping her toes in once to test the fjord’s temperature (it’s very cold, but perfect for a Scandinavian) before wading in as her lithe body makes splashes on the shoreline. Her legs and hips quickly are submerged as she looks back, smile broadening even wider as she sees you changing hastily into your own swim gear. When you’re ready, you join your queen, and she good-humouredly flings water at you. “Take that!” she challenges, her grin inviting and sly.

You feel a rush of friendly adrenaline, yet remain mindful of how Anna must surely be feeling right now. It’s been a tough year and more for her as Arendelle’s queen, with the past three months being particularly brutal and punishing thanks to the war with Russia. Yes, she had Elsa to have fun with, or games night with Kristoff and the rest of the inner court. But she hasn’t relaxed properly, in the fjord of her own kingdom, since… forever. To think that she’d want to share this special chance with you.

You warn her that you’re going to get her. She yelps gleefully as you move to do exactly that. “Oh, crap! Get away from me! Help! Someone HELP!”

It’s too hard not to laugh as you proclaim, in a mock-scary voice: