The Kindest of All

“I’m leaving myself in your care today, so I think your choice is perfect,” laughs Anna. Together, you decide to opt for the fjord waters just beyond the shore of the woodlands behind Arendelle Castle. It has an almost magical, idyllic feel and Anna can have a dive and swim without feeling any eyes on her – even if those eyes are respectful or even reverent, as the queen said in her study, sometimes someone’s greatest and only need is privacy.

You and Anna set off for the back of the castle, and it takes a longer trek than expected since there’s no direct bridge from the castle’s wall to the woods – you and Anna have to walk out of Arendelle, go up the hills into the forest, and come back down past the trees to where one can glimpse the rear of the grand home of Arendellian royalty. Not even tourists drop by here much, and the glistening water crystal clear, almost lustrous – like a sheet of precious quicksilver. The queen’s grown and matured since her days as a princess without a family and without a purpose. However, she still delights in the simple joys of life, and one unmissable one is that of seeing unspoiled, swimmable waters. She quickly drops her bag at the roots of a large tree and begins changing, almost not caring about modesty aside from a casual step behind said tree to hide her undressing. Anna throws off her jacket and shirt, and allows her dress to fall around her ankles. She kicks off her boots and strips off her underwear. Last but not least, after pulling on her one-piece swimsuit, which itself is decorated with wheat stalk patterns over dark green, she loosens her prim bun, allowing her red tresses to fall past her shoulders and spill across her forehead.

The queen looks breathtakingly lovely. But it’s hard to forget just how beautiful Anna is. She twirls around before you, giving a whimsical giggle. “Summer’s come early!” she chortles, hair blowing in the breeze. Barefoot, she beckons you to join her as she runs down toward the water, soles scraping bark, grass, dirt, and twigs and leaves. “Come on!” she hollers expectantly. “Why do you still have your clothes on?”