The Kindest of All

Anna’s freckled face flushes with pride and gratitude. “It’s been my honour. I must admit, my heart is split in two directions. First, I feel my duty to be to the people of Arendelle: I’ll be a good queen for them, I like to tell myself. But I also want to be a good queen for Elsa, who passed the crown to me to begin with. It’s her legacy I uphold. I’m just a temporary placeholder. She’s perpetual. Elsa is Arendelle.”

Anna’s love for her sister is truly a force of nature to behold. You gently remind her that she has to want to be queen. She must embrace the power and authority wholeheartedly to be able to make a true difference, whether for her sister or for her people. She agrees with you, and you let the matter rest – after all, Anna has indeed wielded power wisely so far.

The picnic meanders on into the late afternoon, with you and Anna first wolfing down the delicious scones with jam and cream for a sweet treat, before lying down on the blanket, gazing up at the clouds in the sky under the shade of the trees. As you and Anna continue chatting away, she suddenly falls quiet, and you turn your head.

She’s fallen asleep. The poor thing must have been truly exhausted after pushing herself so hard.