The Behemoth Strikes

The Countess’s long eyelashes stirred, and her eyelids fluttered open as she turned from her side onto her back sleepily. She let out a purring groan. Luxuriating in her purple, sensuous silken nightgown, she gazed outside her window atop the Grand House, enjoying the Arendellian sunlight filtering through the glass and bathing her body. She’d been burning the midnight oil last night, so today she’d woken up at 8 o’clock – three hours earlier than her usual rising time, since she needed to prepare documents before the parliament opened. “Take a break tomorrow, Vi,” Anna had told her yesterday. “We’ve been exhausting ourselves recently. Let me chair the House of Ministers tomorrow, and you can buy me dinner on the weekend.”

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Anna and Mattias: War Games by Firelight

Arendelle Castle

Anna sat in her lime green nightdress by the Great Hall’s fireplace, where she ate dinner with Kristoff and would often frequent for a late night supper alone. It was becoming more and more a habit, thanks to long hours working and staying awake well past midnight, before the crack of dawn forced her up to attend to national affairs once more. It was a far cry from when Elsa would drag her out of bed.

Tonight wasn’t much better as she sat by the warm fireplace, her hands around a wooden mug of black tea. She didn’t turn around as she heard boots nearing her. She heard her general’s deep, reproachful voice.

“You went ahead with writing that column and asking Chief to publish it. You included the leaks about the Countess’s troop mobilization against Northuldra, everything. Now everyone knows about our shadow war with Viola, against my expressed wishes.”

She hung her head. “Can you at least sit with me before you chew me out?”

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