Elsa’s Homecoming, Part Three: Meeting the Northuldra

By Seeker, Royal Biographer

“Threatening my people, Lieutenant?”

“Invading my dance space, Yelena?”

Lieutenant Mattias and Yelena glared daggers at each other while Anna stared at Mattias in confusion. “Why does that soldier look so familiar?” Anna asked herself, as she absentmindedly pointed her sword at Mattias.

“Lieutenant!” a soldier shouted.

“Get the sword!” Mattias ordered. Both groups charged toward Elsa and her family. She quickly froze the ground and her attackers slipped into each other in a big pile.

“That was magic,” Mattias said in disbelief. “Did you see that?”

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A Shadow Stalks Northuldra and Arendelle

By Maren, Head Liaison of Northuldra-Arendelle Relations

Depuis quelque temps, Arendelle a deux souveraines: Anna, que règne sur la ville, et Elsa, responsable de la Forêt Enchantée.” – La Reigne Des Neiges II, L’admirateur d’Olaf

Recently, I’ve been kept up at night by many questions. There are the immediate, like how I can put aside my suspicion of Viola Mundilfari and work with her: she’s my new prime minister, after all. She was all about invading Northuldra just months ago. . . !

Anna assured me that I’ll still report directly to her rather than Vi, and that the passage of the Northuldra-Arendelle reintegration bill won’t be interrupted for Vi’s sake. In fact, it’s the Countess who’ll need to swallow her pride and learn a thing or two about the real Northuldra, the real us. Fair enough, I guess. It’s about time.

But even if Vi were sincere, the debate about Northuldra has moved far ahead and way beyond the Mundilfari perspective since I last wrote my column for this paper.

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Press Release: Changes Coming to A&N Freightlines

By Michael, Minister of Trade

I would like to thank Queen Anna for her full support in naming me as the new Minister of Trade for the Kingdom of Arendelle. I gladly and wholeheartedly accept the position. With that, there is a change with A&N Freightlines that I would like to announce for the benefit of shareholders and trading houses like Bjorgman.

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Uncle Mike’s Visit to Northuldra

Featured image art by Arute (@ast05water)

By Michael, Uncle to Queens Anna and Elsa

A few weeks ago, before the current situation with Countess Viola, I was talking to my Niece, Queen Anna of Arendelle, and Lady Maren, about the possibility of starting a new freight route to Northuldra, especially after the recent agreements that were made with Queen Victoria of England. Queen Anna and Lady Maren (Honeymaren to the Northuldrans) were in favor of it too.

Lady Maren stated that it would be good for that to happen, since she has been spearheading improvements to the roads and paths leading to Northuldra and the villages and towns in Arendelle, to help this new commerce to move more efficiently. I would have to meet with the leader, Yelena, and get her permission. Snow Queen Elsa, my older niece and Anna’s big sister, heard about this and invited me to visit and have tea with her. It was a wonderful opportunity to not only meet Yelena, but to also visit my super niece, Elsa, at her new place in the Northuldran forest.

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