Invitation to Cannon Salute for Ottoman Military Commander Tileke

Respected civic leader, businessperson, newsperson, or military veteran of Arendelle:

You’re cordially invited to a 19-gun naval salute for the inbound Tileke of the Ottoman Empire, by the kingdom’s dockside.

Queen Anna will be present to personally welcome the serakser and her Ottoman reinforcements, which have been sent by the Turkish sultan to reinforce the decimated armed forces of Arendelle after the Battle of Arenfjord. Our queen’s personal flagship, Pride of Elsa, will exchange nineteen rounds of cannonfire with Tileke’s vessel at a safe distance, marking the joining of Arendellian and Ottoman hands in our shared interest to thwart Russia’s plans. While our kingdom has always fired 21-gun salutes for royal birthdays, the 19-gun salute is fitting of Tileke’s rank as the Ottomans’ field marshal (along with her informal role as the empire’s ambassador).

As a gesture symbolizing deep personal trust, Anna will host a state-level party after the 19-gun salute, with General Mattias raising a toast to his Turkish counterpart. Please mark the afternoon and evening for both events in your schedules. RSVPs are absolutely essential.

Even as our Northuldra brothers and sisters engage with the horrific Grand Duke Nykras in the forest, we should be thankful for opportunities like this that bring encouragement to our citizens, our royals and the government, and our men and women in uniform.

Yours sincerely,
Kai, overseer of Arendelle Castle and chief attendant to the royal family

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Arendelle celebrates as Ottoman forces OBLITERATE Russia’s military reserves

By Erik, European Bureau Chief for The Arendelle Guardian

Arendelle’s beleaguered queen is in good spirits after the reserve forces of Katina Romanov were ambushed and annihilated by the Ottomans’ modernized Mansure Army near the Black Sea. Over several thousand well-trained Russian soldiers (almost equal to the numbers deployed at the Battle of Arenfjord) were killed or captured over just several days. The elite force was led by Ottoman serasker (military commander) Tileke, a strategic prodigy who’s rumoured to be a ferocious warrior as well.

Russia has condemned the attack as a violation of the rules of war, since Husrev Pasha, Lord High Vizier, had not yet declared war on Katina before sending Tileke on her offensive. Russia maintains that its war against Arendelle is a legitimate one, having declared hostilities before making incursions on Arendellian soil.

Despite few major powers voicing public condemnations of Russia’s actions, the Romanovs’ outcry will find little sympathy: the bad blood between the Russians and the Ottomans was so intense that war was probably inevitable at some point.

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For Tileke: Russia is at Arendelle’s doorstep. The Ottoman Empire won’t stand idly by

Constantinople, Alexandria-bound

From: Husrev Pasha, Lord High Vizier of the Ottoman Empire

To: Lady Tileke, serasker (supreme commander) of the Mansure Army (Asâkir-i Mansûre-i Muhammediye)

In the name of our sultan Abdulmejid I, I greet you, my dearest kerime, my little girl who I adopted in secret and nurtured to this day. You’ve been preparing all your life for this, the restoration of Ottoman influence around the globe. Now, we seize our chance with Arendelle.

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WORLD NEWS: Arendelle reaches out to the Ottomans and Austrians as tensions with Russia grow

By Gudrun, European Bureau Chief for The Arendelle Guardian

ARENDELLE; VIENNA; ISTANBUL – Caliphs and chancellors might soon be squaring off with Russia’s tsar if Queen Anna has her way, and Arendelle successfully courts Austria and the Ottomans.

Last week, representatives of Kristoff’s trading company arrived in the Austrian and Ottoman Empires within days of each other. Their objective is to negotiate a series of deals that will attract reciprocal trade benefits for Arendelle from both nations. Kristoff hopes to leverage Austrian and Turkish support against Russia’s encroachments into Central and Northern Europe.

In a coordinated and carefully timed move, Bjorgman executives met with Chancellor Klemens von Metternich of Austria and Tileke, leader of the fearsome Mansure Army of the Ottoman sultan. The Arendellian delegation to Austria is led by Bjorgman director Johann Folkestad, while the trade mission to the Ottomans is led by fellow director Linbar Salberg.

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From Peony Sinclair: Beware the Illusions of Overwhelming Power

To Princess Katina Romanov and Mr. Will Harrison,

I thank you for your valuable time at our meeting in Constantinople the other week. What a beautiful city – I never tire of visiting.

The Ottomans hold the key to the Mediterranean, and nine years ago, Katina’s father had forced the sultan to give Russia joint suzerainty over the Dardanelles. When France backed a pretender caliph against the sultan, my country, Britain, as well as Russia, felt that everyone’s interests were threatened, especially since Katina sees the Black Sea as Russia’s weak underbelly. I’ve put the appropriate pressure on the sultan, Britain, and France to accept that the strait is forbidden to all ships of any nation as long as the Ottomans remain in charge.

Remember: the illusion of government is often enough to maintain world order. Only if even that breaks down are we allowed to a free-for-all. Until Turkey’s monarchy (or any country’s government) collapses internally, the Exalted will support them.

Now, to the matter of Arendelle, which is of great interest to all of us.

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