Michael of Arendelle, Uncle of the Queens

A recent encounter with a certain sadistic rival of Queen Anna’s has prompted me to move more visibly in Arendelle’s complex political world. With Anna’s blessing, I’d like to introduce myself to the kind patrons and readers of this great newspaper.

My name is Michael, and I own A&N Freightlines. A&N, of course, means “Arendelle & Northuldra.” A one wagon operation that has grown into several more, A&N operates along with the other wagons at Arendelle’s harbors, merchants, warehouses, and last mile haulers for Arendelle’s Railway operation from its stations.

I’ve also been like an Uncle to Queen Anna and Snow Queen Elsa for some time. I was friends with the late King Agnarr and Queen Iduna before… well, it goes like this.

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Sustainable Trade with Northuldra: A Government Trade Initiative

Do you work in textiles, food, retail, manufacturing, or construction? Are you looking for a vote of confidence in your business, whatever your trade?

Join the Sustainable Trade with Northuldra Initiative and be part of Queen Anna’s grand experiment in statecraft while securing real help for your startup.

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The Princely House

I was doodling on my notepad at my usual corner table in the Reindeer Room when a waiter strode in. “Ma’am, His Highness is here.”

“Thanks, Harald,” I said, taking a sip of my espresso. The bitter beans were all the rage in Europe, with salons, private clubs, and coffee houses catering for lovers of this aspirational tonic. Kristoff strode into the cigar smoke-smelling room, waving his big hand at me.

“You don’t turn up to the Club as often anymore,” I called.

“You know how I feel about these places. Stuffy, fake,” he groaned, scratching himself. “I love my woodlands and my mountains.”

“You’ve probably outgrown all the mutual shoe shining and back slapping around here. In any case, you already have Her Majesty’s desire and affection. Can’t beat that.”

He blushed.

“Venison? Salmon? Or just a lemon soda?” I asked.

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