Michael’s Musings: A Special Visitor

Featured image art by Arute (@ast05water)

Arendelle’s been a regular hive of political action since we’ve returned from Saint Petersburg. It was getting somewhat hectic getting back into the routines with preps for Katina’s sabre rattling. So in a moment’s break from the business of government and seeing a picture done by the Royal Painter Arute (which this newspaper’s readers can enjoy), I reminisced about a very special visitor to Arendelle and Northuldra.

This special young lady is a friend to the Diarchy and is a dear friend to our friends in the Kingdom of Corona: King Frederick, Queen Arianna and their daughter and her hubby, Princess Rapunzel “Raps” and Prince Regent Eugene Fitzherbert. The former, irreplaceable Lady-in-Waiting to Raps, Cassandra.

Cassandra was at one time, a snarky, sullen Lady-in-Waiting to Rapunzel, mostly because she was unhappy with the position. She trained and was born to fight as a warrior, which in some circles, was unpopular and looked down upon.

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