The 21st: A Special Surprise for a Special Queen

Birthday chapter by Alan Nadeau III

Life in Arendelle these days went about the same as it had before, though the threat of Katina Romanov’s impending attacks on Arendelle and Northuldra loomed large. What Katina wanted of Arendelle, Anna couldn’t give, and now the Russian princess, even despite Grand Duke Sora’s attempt to talk the young Katina out of this, had led to her choosing war. Only time would tell as to when Katina’s attacks commenced, and all anyone could hope for was an absolute miracle to prevent it.

Despite this, the citizens of Arendelle were currently preparing for the Winter Solstice and season of frost. Today coincided with a special celebration: the birthday of Elsa. Normally, Anna would be in charge of coordinating the festivities, but this year, per his request, she’d passed on those duties to Sir Alan, as he wished to put together the best birthday that Elsa had ever enjoyed in her young life. Elsa meant everything to him, and he knew he’d be able to set up the perfect celebration for her.

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Michael’s Musings: A Special Visitor

Featured image art by Arute (@ast05water)

Arendelle’s been a regular hive of political action since we’ve returned from Saint Petersburg. It was getting somewhat hectic getting back into the routines with preps for Katina’s sabre rattling. So in a moment’s break from the business of government and seeing a picture done by the Royal Painter Arute (which this newspaper’s readers can enjoy), I reminisced about a very special visitor to Arendelle and Northuldra.

This special young lady is a friend to the Diarchy and is a dear friend to our friends in the Kingdom of Corona: King Frederick, Queen Arianna and their daughter and her hubby, Princess Rapunzel “Raps” and Prince Regent Eugene Fitzherbert. The former, irreplaceable Lady-in-Waiting to Raps, Cassandra.

Cassandra was at one time, a snarky, sullen Lady-in-Waiting to Rapunzel, mostly because she was unhappy with the position. She trained and was born to fight as a warrior, which in some circles, was unpopular and looked down upon.

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Her Girls Friday

Agrabah was burning.

The streets were silent with a choked fear as the allied soldiers of Prussia, Austro-Hungary, and France marched through the sandy Arabian streets, the soldiers thundering in disciplined lines as they made their way to the sultan’s palace – or at least, it used to be the royal family’s home, since they had fled a few days ago. The throne room was empty except for one lone figure, draped in a long general’s coat and an Arendellian army jacket, emblazoned with military honours bestowed by multiple countries.

She took a deep breath, savouring the smell of smoke and gunpowder in the distance.

“The age of flying carpets and magic lamps is over,” she mumbled to herself, yellow eyes glinting under a mop of greyed hair. Endless war takes a toll, even on those who exult in it. “I’d have liked to have seen it, though… met this handsome pauper-turned-prince and his starry-eyed love.”

The door to the throne room boomed open, and a uniformed messenger strode in, striding towards the figure.

“Commander Hilde? Lady Hilde Von Altheim?”

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