Anna’s Column: Arendelle’s First Northuldra Home Minister!

Featured image art by PURY (@puryartist)

By HM Queen Anna

I made a promise.

A promise to Elsa as her chosen successor. A bold and unprecedented political commitment to unify Arendelle and Northuldra into a single sovereign territory. Two lands united by love like Mother and Father or humanity and the spirits. Co-equal and cooperative. One that can weather the storms of our emerging modern world, and resist the ravages of colonial powers across Europe and the globe.

It might take many years, perhaps long after I’m no longer queen. But I have to try.

My ambition would be empty and deceitful if I just made demands only of Yelena. Political integration can’t be a one way street, with Arendelle dictating the terms. That was Grandfather’s way. My way, controversial though it was at first and meeting resistance from Grandfather’s old guard in the Great Assembly (thanks for nothing, guys), is to give Northuldra a say in our kingdom’s future.

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Spirit Showdown: Maren and Amira’s Destinies

Featured image art by Arute (@ast05water)

Since coming to the throne, Anna had expanded the kingdom’s espionage service into a professional, well-resourced network that stretched across Europe. Years ago, Elsa had identified information as the lynchpin of Arendellian leverage over larger countries with bigger militaries. Named the “Ravens” after Odin’s two mythic, all-seeing birds, the agents had finally tracked the trails that Amira, the Northuldra hunter and saboteur, used to go back and forth between Arendelle and Northuldra. Amira was meticulous in her methods, covering every journey she made out of the forest with great care. But the Ravens now had mapped out her movements, and Anna had given Maren approval to launch an expedition into the heart of Amira’s home.

Yelena and Elsa had already been notified by Anna’s letters via Gale. This was no ordinary operation. It was to stop further attacks by Amira, preferably through persuasion, and if that worked, to show her that Arendelle was serious about rectifying past deceit. Never again would Arendelle’s civil service or educational establishment support anything that came close to Runeard’s Northuldra Children Protection Act.

The hard truth was this: Arendelle could not suffer a secessionist at the heart of Anna’s dream – the true union of Northuldra and Arendelle, the re-integration of the two realms as a single political state. Amira needed to be stopped, one way or another.

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