A Tribute to Nahir al-Adil (RIP, David)

ARENDELLE: The Arendellian flag was flown at half-mast today, and will continue to do so for the next week, as the palace received word of a cataclysmic event: the passing of Nahir al-Adil, an ally of the kingdom and a formidable presence in his own right.

“This tragedy is a true mystery, but for now, we don’t suspect foul play, nor did I even think he was capable of mortal afflictions,” Anna told reporters in a press statement. “Yet, as the member of the mysterious people of the Shamashi from the remote regions of Persia, I know that something called him back to them, and to their source of power. I’m heartbroken, our allies are in shock, and the kingdom has lost a good friend.”

Nahur al-Adil by Arute (@ast05water)
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Northuldra Nights with Maren: Nahir al-Adil – From Persia to Northuldra

By Lady Maren, Head Liaison of Northuldra-Arendelle Relations

Like Anna, I’ve been stunned by the power wielded by those that seek to manipulate her throne. A while ago I fought Countess Viola on board Muspelheim (I look forward to our rematch one day, by the way). It’s no surprise why this newspaper and even a commercial rival, The Fjord Times, have gone after Viola for pretty much running a “shadow state,” complete with a private army, loyal to her aristocratic family and its cause rather than that of the monarchy and the state. Are we in still in feudal times?

I suppose that’s the royal conundrum Anna inherited from her predecessors: so long has Clan Mundilfari puppeteered Arendellian politics and life, Anna has had to work doubly hard to uproot this centuries-old influence. Yet moving behind the scenes, lobbying, negotiating, and power-broking – these activities, I’ve learned quickly, aren’t always bad things. In fact, they might sometimes be the only way things can get done around here. I like to think of myself as a straightforward and frank person, but given the situation in my homeland of Northuldra, we’ll need to do lots of negotiating.

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