Twisted Love

Deep in the Northuldra forest, amidst primeval, breathing trees, the Snow Queen felt a reverberation of pain and remorse. It came not just from her beloved sister. It came from Maren… and Arendelle’s commander, Mattias. She released the urgent missive from Master Michael, her and Anna’s close friend. His message warned of a battle like Arendelle had never seen before in the fjord, just beyond the palace. She raised her hand, allowing Gale to encircle her with a gentle breeze. Bruni, the Fire Spirit, hopped into her palm, snuggling his little blue cheek against her soft skin. Her eyes shone with the colours of the rainbow, her inner voice calling out to the Water Spirit.

Arendelle was in danger. Anna was in danger.

“Hold on,” whispered the Fifth Spirit, as the Nokk burst in a wave of crystal-clear waters before her. It stamped its hooves and whinnied, inviting her on.

“Viola won’t see victory today.”

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