The Reign of Anna: Qualities and Features

An excerpt from the newest edition of political historian Dvalinn’s Arendellian Monarchs, published in the morning edition of The AG

Each king or queen of Arendelle has been defined, as any monarch would be, by their character, temperament, and beliefs. Not just religious conviction, but their personal ideas about politics, what constitutes the good life, and their optimism – or pessimism – about human nature. It’s no surprise that each sovereign’s reign down the ages has been different, marked by a distinct atmosphere or flavour.

Despite how close and devoted the present queen and her predecessor are to each other, their reigns are also defined by divergent priorities and styles of governance. This isn’t to say that one is better than the other, but only that our people will experience different leaders as surely as leaders must follow and adapt to differing times.

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Dinner with Arendelle’s Editors

Photography. Steam. Heavy industry. Celebrity. The modern world is crashing upon Arendelle like a fjord storm, and riding the waves are the high priests of the press – a new class of professionals and proprietors of the media pulling the levers of public opinion and national destiny, to bend governments to their will and ideology.

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