New Rumbles in Parliament as Queen Unleashes Military Reforms

By Mikael, political affairs correspondent

ARENDELLE: The kingdom’s political and civic circles are embroiled in fierce debate about one of Queen Anna’s most decisive but controversial moves yet: a series of radical military reforms.

Yesterday’s reforms, critics say, cast Arendelle as a rising but increasingly aggressive military power with the potential to not just intimidate, but menace, its north European neighbors.

The reforms indicate a striking emphasis on expansion and what the government calls RRR, or “rapid required responsiveness.” Critics charge this to be a mouthy euphemism for potential aggressive action should the queen see fit.

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Elsa’s Guest Column: All is Fair in Love and War

By Elsa, Queen Emerita of Arendelle

It’s been over a week since Anna effectively shut herself in her study during most of the day, receiving not even Kristoff and Maren until dinnertime. Last weekend, I decided that I’d pay her a visit myself. What had gotten her so upset?

To my relief, Anna wasn’t gorging on chocolate cake and ice cream, like she’d sometimes do in the past when she was sulking. True, she needed her own space for a while, but when I saw her, she’d been hunched over her desk, poring over maritime maps, books, and newspaper reports. It wasn’t a very healthy situation – I could tell she’d barely moved from her desk for hours on end, every single day.

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Two Arms of the Monarch

Featured image art by vektorix, at:

Have you ever visited the docksides of Arendelle, just as the sunset is dipping below the fjord?

I love sitting by one of the benches near the lampposts, by the kingdom’s markets at dusk. If you’ve come before, you’ll know that trading is more or less wrapping up by this time, with shops closing and children walking with their parents. Looking outwards from the pier, you can see the stars and moon emerging even as the fading red-orange sunlight drapes the waters in a warm blanket above the darkening sky. Eventide is the perfect time to come out of the office and take a walk, to reflect on how beautiful it is to be in Arendelle.

There were a few lovey-dovey couples on the benches near me as I admired the calm waters and anchored ships. I savoured the occasional squawks of seagulls, inhaling deep breaths of fresh air. I adjusted my collar, enjoying the warmth of my cashmere coat as the cool wind kissed my face. I was looking forward to an elegant dinner and warm coffee after this meeting.

A tall, burly figure in a hooded cloak moved beside me and sat down in silence.

I shifted, peering at warm but worried brown eyes and a well-kept goatee. I grinned. “Hello, Mattias.”

“There’d be an uproar if anyone knew I was meeting with someone from the press,” growled the commander of Arendelle’s armed forces quietly, his eyes darting about.

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