Letting It Go

Featured image art by Arute (@ast05water)

By Michael, Trade Minister of Arendelle

My last article covered my first visit to Northuldra. It was a pleasant visit as I not only met Lady Maren and met the Northuldrans’ leader, Yelena, I also got to meet my Snow Queen niece, Elsa, as she is doing wonderfully now living amongst the Northuldrans and closer to Ahtohallan. A great dinner of freshly caught salmon, cooked over an open fire, along with some time with Elsa, under the starry Northuldran skies with tea, conversation and quietly looking at the stars and listening to the enchanted forest at night – it was a wonderful time!

For the most part. 

Elsa, Yelena, Honeymaren and myself had just concluded talks that morning over the routes and agreements so that Northuldra could receive and ship out cargo to their destinations. Maren and Elsa asked the earth giants to realign the road leading from Arendelle to allow freight wagons to pass through and into Northuldra. 

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