Michael’s Musings: A Trip to Elsa’s North Mountain Ice Palace

By Michael, Trade Minister of Arendelle

I had a very pleasurable talk with our Snow Princess Danielle (“Danny,” she loves to be called!) about the getaway that shew and and her Mommy, the Snow Queen Elsa, will be taking at Elsa’s Ice Castle at the North Mountain. Danny and I talked about my first time there and that I’d be writing this article for my column.

It was just after Elsa had come home to be the Queen of Arendelle with then-Princess Anna, who was helping, watching, and learning as she watched Elsa perform her duties. Being queen of even our small Kingdom of Arendelle is still very stressful. Even a Snow Queen needs to have some time away and a place to retreat to now and then for some rest and relaxation, and as her power grew, some experimentation and fun! I asked Elsa about it and she (with a little encouragement from Anna. Elsa was still a bit shy then) invited me to come anytime.

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The Authorized Royal Biography: Hans’ Assault on the Ice Palace

Elsa turned around and saw her sister kneeling on the ground, with her hand around her heart. Elsa gasped in shock when she heard someone call Anna’s name. A man, who Elsa would later learn was Kristoff, dashed to Anna’s side in an instant. “Are you okay?” he asked, with Olaf by his side.

Anna shakily got to her feet. “I’m okay,” she looked back into Elsa’s terrified eyes. “I’m fine.”

Elsa looked confused. “Who is this? Wait, it doesn’t matter. Just, you have to go.”

Anna shook her head. “No, I know we can figure this out together!”

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The Authorised Royal Biography: An Emotional Reunion

When Elsa heard a knock at the door she did not know what to think. Who could be here? How did they find her? What did they want? It did not matter. She would simply ignore them and if they did not leave she would frighten them away. She was the snow queen, and she wanted to be left alone. It was only when Elsa heard the intruder call her name that her heart stopped.

It was Anna! Anna was in the ice palace.

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