Arendelle: Occult – A Frozen Spinoff from The Arendelle Guardian

Join Viola Mundilfari at her most ruthless, alluring, and seductive in this upcoming interactive spinoff story!

Vampire Vi’s unexpected popularity as The Arendelle Guardian’s “Big Bad” has The AG’s newsroom scrambling to do her justice on our blog and Twitter accounts!

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Uncle Mike’s Visit to Northuldra

Featured image art by Arute (@ast05water)

By Michael, Uncle to Queens Anna and Elsa

A few weeks ago, before the current situation with Countess Viola, I was talking to my Niece, Queen Anna of Arendelle, and Lady Maren, about the possibility of starting a new freight route to Northuldra, especially after the recent agreements that were made with Queen Victoria of England. Queen Anna and Lady Maren (Honeymaren to the Northuldrans) were in favor of it too.

Lady Maren stated that it would be good for that to happen, since she has been spearheading improvements to the roads and paths leading to Northuldra and the villages and towns in Arendelle, to help this new commerce to move more efficiently. I would have to meet with the leader, Yelena, and get her permission. Snow Queen Elsa, my older niece and Anna’s big sister, heard about this and invited me to visit and have tea with her. It was a wonderful opportunity to not only meet Yelena, but to also visit my super niece, Elsa, at her new place in the Northuldran forest.

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Moonlight Sonata and Garlic

Hello there, dear reader. My name is Seeker and I recently had the privilege of going to visit Viola Mundilfari this past weekend.

Given the recent circumstances, some may question why on earth I would want to visit the countess that threatened Arendelle and Her Majesty with the warship Muspelheim. Well, I was inspired by Anna’s latest column about knowing your enemies… and besides, I needed a break after finishing the first part of Queen Emerita Elsa’s biography. So I paid Viola a visit and I thought some might be curious about how my trip to this mysterious aristocrat’s home went. The following is a retelling of that night from my personal journal. Enjoy!

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An Interview with the Royal Biographer

We at The Arendelle Guardian are privileged to interview Seeker, who is working on a biography of the Queen Emerita, Elsa, at Anna’s request. Our Lore and Archival Reporter, Mikael, had the pleasure of sitting down with this gentleman for a discussion. Many things were not as they seemed…

Mikael (M): The kingdom’s literati and intelligentsia have been abuzz with gossip about you. Elsa and Anna are beloved for their modesty, and have never commissioned any biography for their family – until now. Tell us what your background is, where you come from.

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Northuldra Nights with Maren: I’m Worried About Anna

By Maren, Head Liaison of Northuldra-Arendelle Relations

I was really shocked when Anna turned up at the embassy in the early hours of the morning, hair dishevelled and eyes terrified and distressed. She hadn’t even changed out of her nightclothes, and Kristoff’s coat was on her.

She’d had a really awful dream, and it seemed vivid enough that she thought it was something that was actually happening, or could happen. Anna’s already shared this with you in her column for this paper, but in any case I took her up to my loft quarters and did what I could to comfort her. I was surprised by how shaken she was.

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