Anna’s Column: Arendelle’s Knightly Orders

By HM Queen Anna

Her Majesty’s personal column is published exclusively by The AG. 

When she visited the palace last weekend, Elsa told me that she’d decided to reconstitute her former “Order of Rime.” You can imagine my excitement at this, so I sent a press release about this to The AG. But even this paper’s journalists, some of who interview me all the time, asked me: “What in the spirits are you talking about?” What was the Order of Rime? Was Elsa suddenly assembling some league of extraordinary gentlemen?

Fair enough – I was too excited and maybe you aren’t sure what I’m yammering on about either. So I thought I’d use my column today to explain myself.

I’m not here to write a history of our kingdom’s knightly honours, but suffice to say that in Viking times, way, way before Arendelle was even called Arendelle, the top jarl would be protected by a kind of comitatus: elite berserkers or lords who would share everything with their commander and commit ritual suicide if he died.

Obviously, this tradition fell out of fashion once nobles got comfortable living in big halls and castles!

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