The Authorised Royal Biography: The Act of Love

Elsa looked outside her office window and smiled. Hundreds of her citizens were slowly making their way into the castle courtyard. Elsa had promised them a surprise as a thank you gift for accepting her as their queen and an apology for the… unexpected winter. Elsa was excited of course, but she was also anxious. While she was comfortable with herself and her powers, she was uncertain if her subjects felt the same way. She would have to convince them that her powers could do more than cause harm and that there were benefits with having the Snow Queen as their sovereign.

As Elsa began to consider changing the surprise to something smaller, she heard a familiar knock at the door. A knock she could finally answer. “Come in, Anna,” Elsa said with a smile.

Anna opened the door with a flourish and beamed at her big sister. “How do you do, Your Majesty?” she said with a childishly serious voice. She dipped into a teasing curtsey. Elsa could barely contain the burst of giggles coursing through her body as she gazed upon her sister with a blank face. “I was in the middle of doing important paperwork until I was so rudely interrupted.”

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The Authorized Royal Biography: The Great Thaw

Elsa groaned as she groggily opened her eyes. Her vision slowly unclouded to reveal she was in a prison cell. She sat up and noticed a pale white light coming from the cell window. She quickly dashed to see the outside but something pulled her back. She looked down in disbelief at the manacles that covered her hands and chained her to the wall. Who created these? Could her father have? It did not matter now. Elsa gazed upon her kingdom in stunned silence.

“Oh no. What, what have I done?” she whispered.

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Letters from Elsa and Anna (IV)

When Elsa was imprisoned in her room, she and Anna communicated with each other by slipping each other lovingly written letters under her door for years on end. In a burst of emotion, Anna once referenced Dante’s Inferno in an exchange with her sister. This series of letters looks back on Anna’s poetic rubric, which the sisters continue to revisit to this day: the passage of time, cold, eternity, and warmth a constant theme in their conversations. 

“When you came to me you were like an adventurer, your warm torch lighting my icy keep. When our eyes met, my heart danced, despite my terror of hurting you. You once said you’d follow me down into Cocytus. You weren’t bluffing, were you? My intruder of my heart.” – Elsa, to Queen Anna


“You worry about my chasing you. You think you might end up somewhere I can’t follow? You’re wrong. Whether in your old ice palace, across the Dark Sea, or in your new domain in the forest, I follow the queen of my heart to the highest peak or the darkest cavern.” – Queen Anna, to Elsa


“Your touch is the spring to my winter, the warming light of dawn touching the cool fjord at daybreak. You follow me as surely as spring follows winter, flowers, leaves and wheat growing in my snowflake wake. My Persephone.” – Elsa, to Queen Anna


“Do you believe we could come back in different lives and encounter each other all over again? The tides of history are capricious and cruel, but I’d love nothing else than to see you again… in another age, another world.” – Queen Anna, to Elsa


“You know I love to touch and to be touched. That’s always been the real me, though not everyone has seen that side of me. But, oh my, do you know this part of me well. And so you never hesitate to hold me, and invite me to hold you too. I’m nothing less than my true self when you hold the keys to my door, unlocking me and making your home in me so effortlessly.” – Elsa, to Queen Anna