The Possibility (yet Unlikelihood) of a Countess’s Redemption

Featured image art by Arute (@ast05water)

Her Majesty, Queen Anna of Arendelle,

Dear Madam,

It was with great trepidation and awestruck humility that I accepted the task of advising you regarding your peculiar spiritual problem. I must confess that I originally thought that our mutual contact was playing the cruellest of jests. Never before have I received such a request from a heathen – even one so cultured and philanthropic – and certainly not on behalf of a monarch! The Lord truly works in mysterious ways.

It is clear from your own letter that you are a woman of deep charity and great virtue, and the truest of friends to her who had once been your enemy. The capacity for such forgiveness is more enviable than all the riches in the world. To have endured such persecution, betrayal and even danger at the hands of this woman, only to elevate her to high office and come to me so passionately on her behalf demonstrates a wholeness of spirit rarely seen in this time. Yet this only deepens my unhappiness regarding what I must say next.

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Anna’s Column: I Will End Mephistopheles’ Bondage!

By HM Queen Anna

Is it weird to talk about bondage in my column? Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the kind of leather I like to see on Kristoff. Hear me out, dear citizen, don’t get scared off! I’m talking about the kind of bondage I despise: the supernatural kind that keeps otherwise free women and men in servitude. Now I have your attention, don’t I?

We live at the dawn of what my historians call “modernity,” with steam and photography and all manner of technological wonders and terrors. But we’re still reminded of magic every single day. I’m in contact with the wondrous every day, thanks to my contact with Elsa and only-slightly-less-frequent contact with the other elemental spirits. Gale passes by Arendelle all the time; you can feel her. But not all supernatural forces are as benevolent as the Five Elements.

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