New Rumbles in Parliament as Queen Unleashes Military Reforms

By Mikael, political affairs correspondent

ARENDELLE: The kingdom’s political and civic circles are embroiled in fierce debate about one of Queen Anna’s most decisive but controversial moves yet: a series of radical military reforms.

Yesterday’s reforms, critics say, cast Arendelle as a rising but increasingly aggressive military power with the potential to not just intimidate, but menace, its north European neighbors.

The reforms indicate a striking emphasis on expansion and what the government calls RRR, or “rapid required responsiveness.” Critics charge this to be a mouthy euphemism for potential aggressive action should the queen see fit.

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BREAKING: Baltic Fleet Approaches Arendelle as General Mattias Readies Defences

Featured image “War Map,” by Arute (@ast05water)

By Mikael, Senior Reporter for The Arendelle Guardian

ARENDELLE – The Baltic Fleet’s ships of Poseidon, Charybdis, and Scylla have been sighted making for Arendelle. Anna’s own navy of Muspelheim, Nobility, and Pride of Elsa are already anchored in Arenfjord, prepared to set out at a moment’s notice. Also standing by are the main force of Arendellian troops and Mundilfari Court Guard (MCG), either stationed aboard Anna’s fleet or garrisoned by the wharf.

Arendelle and Russia’s first major battle draws close. Both states ready themselves for a ferocious tug-of-war over the island opposite Arenfjord. This is a crucial strategic location. Whoever seizes control of the island will not only have a deep-water harbour for their ships, but also be in a superior position to attack or defend Arendelle (see Anna’s war room for how Anna and Katina are positioning their troops).

“War map,” by Arute (@ast05water)
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Dramatic Day in Parliament as Ministers Clash Over Anna’s Military Reforms

By Mikael, Political Reporter for The Arendelle Guardian

ARENDELLE – The Great Assembly, Arendelle’s parliament, is located at the foothills of the kingdom, in a square that can be reached via footpaths from the ministers’ quarters and several avenues of stately homes and holiday cottages. Composed of the House of Ministers and the House of Jarls, the Great Assembly was the site of combative and fractious arguments today as members of both the lower and upper houses traded increasingly angry exchanges about Her Majesty’s proposed military reforms.

The monarchy is pushing for:

  • An increase of manpower in the standing army to 1,000 trained fulltime soldiers (a significant increase for a small kingdom),
  • The incorporation of Commander Hilde Von Altheim’s elite “death squad” into the Arendellian army, and:
  • Recommissioning the Mundilfari ironclad warship Muspelheim, which Countess Vi once used to attack Arenfjord, and expand the navy’s budget to purchase a new fleet of ships on par with Pride of Elsa.
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PRIDE OF ELSA, Queen Anna’s new flagship, commissioned at Arendelle’s harbour

By Madeline, Reporter for The Arendelle Guardian

ARENDELLE – The queen’s new personal vessel was commissioned early this morning by the docks. A grand celebration was enjoyed by all gathered, with cake, candy, pop soda, and much more of Her Majesty’s slightly childish favourites in abundance.

Christened Pride of Elsa, Her Majesty’s new flagship is intended to replace the capsized Autumn Cloud, which sank after being sabotaged by Amira the Northuldra hunter during Prime Minister-Countess Vi’s party at sea.

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Anna’s Column: Blade of the Queen

By HM Queen Anna

General Mattias has become more of a dad to me than Father ever was. As your servant-queen, I’ve gained a much better appreciation for his extremely difficult job. Destin’s fair, but stern: his attitude is (perhaps inevitably) more martial than mine. That’s fine. I’m used to growing up quickly, and I’ve already had some diplomatic experience over my first year. He’s training me in not just swordsmanship, but also strategy and the art of war. This is a complicated, messy world, and governing requires both the ideal of peace and the… well, the promise of resistance against those that might be tempted to bully, invade, or colonise us.

His favourite among the masters of war is Clausewitz, who he read assiduously over many years before being trapped in Northuldra. A few months ago, he gave me his father’s notes on this great strategist’s work. He says it’ll serve me well throughout my rule. I, for one, will honour this gift from Destin.

I’ve been taking fencing lessons for him for a while now. I wrote down my own thoughts in my practice journal the other week. Would you like to take a peek?

Well, if you’re not interested, too bad. Because I’m sharing them with you today!

Lots of love,

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