The Authorised Royal Biography: The Queen’s Exile

Elsa ran, harder than she ever had in her life. Her elegant heels clacked desperately along the icy surface of the frozen fjord. She ran away from her people, from her sister, from her failure. She had finally cracked. Despite her best efforts, she had failed. Her parents would have been so ashamed. After what seemed like an eternity, Elsa stopped running and began to walk. It did not matter where. Just as long as she was alone. Elsa felt numb and it was not from the cold. She did not know what to feel. She had felt nothing for thirteen years and now she felt every emotion hitting her at once. As she kept moving, Elsa found herself walking up the North Mountain. It seemed a fitting place for her to live out her exile.

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Letters from Elsa and Anna (III)

Featured image art by @wendyoghurt

In this series of letters, Elsa and Anna reflect on the fateful night of their reunion, the day of Elsa’s coronation. 

“Thank you for opening your wounded, lonely heart to me on my coronation night. You’ve suffered for too long. Even after I fled, you chased me. I’m glad you pursued me. Now, whenever you come to me, I will be right here for you. All yours.” – Elsa, to Queen Anna


“It wasn’t easy for me when I saw you standing by that austere throne, so gracious, so aloof. You said I looked beautiful. Well, you looked unreachable after so many years locked away from me. I didn’t remember our accident. But when you greeted me, all I remembered was that I loved you. That I would follow you all the way down into Lake Cocytus itself.” – Queen Anna, to Elsa


“I hold myself whenever I feel scared, lonely, or sad. You seem to want to hold me whatever the situation: whether you’re delighted, heartbroken, or yes, scared like me. You can sense what we both feel. And there go your loving arms around me again. Don’t let go.” – Elsa, to Queen Anna


“You’ve spent too many years hugging yourself when I should have been the one comforting you. But you know me – I’m a bit of a selfish woman. I want you to return my embrace, you know. I need your presence as much as you’ve come to hope for mine.” – Queen Anna, to Elsa


“If I could turn back the clock, I’d bring you to the courtyard. I’d conjure a rink of ice for you, and guide you on skates until we were giddy and dizzy and laughing in each other’s arms. I can’t change the past. But there’s nothing stopping me taking you skating now. When can you join me for some fun, Your Majesty?” – Elsa, to Queen Anna