Emerald Dragon: Swingin’ Sisters


Featured image art “Sisters’ Swing” by Arute (@ast05water)


“Make the Night Last” Swingin’ Sisters theme by Joel Evans & Friends (licensed for The Arendelle Guardian)

From Arendelle to Peking, from the Qilin Cabaret to Arendelle Castle… jam and party with Anna and Elsa late into the night, Shanghai jazz-style!

The air is thick with political intrigue, aching romance, musical groove and princely glamour as the sister-queens swing into the new world of modernity – to make Arendelle a global power.

Anna, the Emerald Dragon, has assembled her Exalted with which to locate the elixir of immortality. Her journey will take her family and friends around the world, encountering new friends, allies, and adversaries. But our queen had best beware – with her newfound power comes an expanded gallery of powerful foes, some with vendettas to pursue and others that believe in their causes as much as she does in her own.

From familiar faces like the opium tai-pan Will Harrison to new adversaries like the mysterious and immortal Moonborn, Anna and her Exalted will face external and internal conflicts like never before.

Anna’s Emerald Dragon arc continues with all the glamour, romance and intrigue of the early modern age.



A teaser for our 1st anniversary!

Featured image art “The inner court,” by PURY (@puryartist)

The 27th of January marks our first anniversary as Arendelle’s newspaper on 19th Century politics, power and drama!

From the international relations with the great powers to reunification with Northuldra, from Kristoff’s corporate warfare to the cabal of leaders known as the Exalted, Anna’s journey in this high-stakes world is just beginning.

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Queen Anna and Lady Maren: the Hands of Elsa

Featured image art by Alanna (@alhuart). Art commissioned by The Arendelle Guardian

It was late morning. The sun was up and bright, though Anna’s mood was down and dark. The queen and Honeymaren were at the table of their private study, the morning light filtering through their windows, when the Snow Queen’s form glided in like some celestial creature. Elsa does this all the time, thought Anna. She was always lost, staring at that gossamer trail of gentle ice, until Elsa snapped her out of her meandering thoughts.

“Thanks for calling this emergency meeting. Thanks for being so brave to talk to Maren and me about what’s been going on with you,” Elsa said to Anna kindly. Despite her exhaustion, Anna beamed.

As Elsa scooted up to Anna, Maren sat across from them, eyes uncertain. Maybe she was wondering if Anna was angry with her for revealing so much in her column. But Anna wanted to tell her that she wasn’t, and indeed felt really guilty for roping her into this fight with the Mundilfaris, whom anyone barely knew, truly knew.

Well, Maren would know them soon enough.

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