Queen Anna’s Geopolitical Strategy

Featured image art by 六道, at: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/78534355

By Gudrun, Senior Staff Writer for The Arendelle Guardian

Her Majesty’s bill for an alliance with other nations passed both houses of the Grand Assembly (Arendelle’s parliament) the other week. As Anna’s allies celebrate this milestone in her legislative agenda, it is important to remember how unlikely it was for Arendelle to even set out on this path of international leadership. The speed by which the monarch was able to lay the foundation blocks of this ambitious project is also unprecedented.

A clue to understanding Her Majesty’s intent lies in the list of countries to be included in the alliance: Dun Broch, Corona, Vakretta, Chathoan, Zaria, and Vesterland. These are all states of middling size, like Arendelle, and they notably share similar vulnerabilities with our own kingdom. When the Queen proposed this entente, diplomats, politicians, and observers interpreted it as a treaty positioning Arendelle against the great maritime empires that currently control much of the known world. While Arendelle has enjoyed relative prosperity and stability for generations, geographical, political, and historical considerations have prevented it from expanding beyond its shores and acquiring large tracts of land and resources like France, Britain, and several others.

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