The Authorized Royal Biography: Hans’ Assault on the Ice Palace

Elsa turned around and saw her sister kneeling on the ground, with her hand around her heart. Elsa gasped in shock when she heard someone call Anna’s name. A man, who Elsa would later learn was Kristoff, dashed to Anna’s side in an instant. “Are you okay?” he asked, with Olaf by his side.

Anna shakily got to her feet. “I’m okay,” she looked back into Elsa’s terrified eyes. “I’m fine.”

Elsa looked confused. “Who is this? Wait, it doesn’t matter. Just, you have to go.”

Anna shook her head. “No, I know we can figure this out together!”

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The Authorised Royal Biography: An Emotional Reunion

When Elsa heard a knock at the door she did not know what to think. Who could be here? How did they find her? What did they want? It did not matter. She would simply ignore them and if they did not leave she would frighten them away. She was the snow queen, and she wanted to be left alone. It was only when Elsa heard the intruder call her name that her heart stopped.

It was Anna! Anna was in the ice palace.

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The Authorised Royal Biography: The Queen’s Exile

Elsa ran, harder than she ever had in her life. Her elegant heels clacked desperately along the icy surface of the frozen fjord. She ran away from her people, from her sister, from her failure. She had finally cracked. Despite her best efforts, she had failed. Her parents would have been so ashamed. After what seemed like an eternity, Elsa stopped running and began to walk. It did not matter where. Just as long as she was alone. Elsa felt numb and it was not from the cold. She did not know what to feel. She had felt nothing for thirteen years and now she felt every emotion hitting her at once. As she kept moving, Elsa found herself walking up the North Mountain. It seemed a fitting place for her to live out her exile.

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The Authorised Royal Biography: Elsa Flees the Palace

Three years had passed since Agnarr and Iduna lost their lives at sea. Elsa had come of age and her people needed a queen. Despite her fear, grief, and isolation Elsa accepted her duty and devoted herself to ruling Arendelle wisely. She still never saw Anna, or hardly anyone, during this time. Nobody knew anything about Agnarr’s mysterious heir. The entire world anticipated her coronation with bated breath. Elsa’s coronation was a great affair. Every citizen of Arendelle could not wait to see the gates opened for the first time in years. Dignitaries and rulers from all over the world including The Duke of Weselton and the 13th Prince of the Southern Isles came to pay their respects to the youngest ruler in Arendelle’s history.

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The Authorised Royal Biography: A Traumatic Childhood

Conceal it, don’t feel it. Don’t let it show. For the rest of her childhood, those were the only words Elsa knew. On the night of the accident, Elsa and her parents learned that her powers were directly tied to her emotions. Agnarr was certain that if Elsa could learn to master her emotions she could master her powers. There is a logic behind this line of thinking, yet magic and emotion are never bound to logic. Agnarr suggested gloves to dampen Elsa’s powers. They helped Elsa early on and they became a source of comfort and security for her. Elsa rarely saw anyone besides her parents or her infrequent tutors. She was practically a ghost to everyone, including Anna. Despite her best efforts, Elsa never felt comfortable with herself or her powers.

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The Authorised Royal Biography: Mystic Beginnings

Little was known among neighbours about the mysterious traveller called Seeker, who had some time ago purchased a pleasant house on the hillside some distance from the port of Arendelle. One can’t blame them for erupting into excited gossip when a messenger from the palace knocked on his door, announcing his induction into Queen Anna’s Order of the Wheat Stalk – the highest honour given to a citizen of Arendelle and Anna’s personal chivalric order.

When pressed by the curious neighbours for an explanation, the messenger said that Seeker had landed a position of great trust, even vulnerability, from the perspective of the monarchy: to write an authorised biography about Anna’s sister and regal predecessor, Elsa. 

“The truth is the truth. Our parents violated Anna’s and my dignity. Sooner or later, we’ll have to face that alongside our very real longing for the same people. Yet there is great power in forgiveness, and I believe that if Anna and I can truly let go and forgive everything that happened, we’ll truly have conquered the palace’s darkness.” – Elsa

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